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KarenMonterosa Translations, an agency based in Marbella, specialises in the sworn translation of contracts, court cases, legal rulings, certificated, diplomas, academic transcripts, annual accounts, reports or any other document that requires a stamp that makes the translation official.




A sworn translation is a faithful translation from the original. This means that the translation will be signed by a “sworn” (officially appointed) translator, giving the translation the same validity as the original document.

Public institutions such as the courts, police stations, local administrations, universities, government delegations, etc , as well as private companies, normally ask for a sworn translation of their documents in order for them to be valid and acceptable in official circles.




 When is a sworn translation needed? Normally a     document requires a sworn translation when it is going to be presented in any official capacity, such as at the Land or Company Registries, Notary’s office, Courts, Banks, for academic formalities, etc.

The sworn translator certifies that the preceding text is a faithful translation of the original. This certification is how all sworn translations are concluded, together with the signature and stamp of the translator.





Financial translating also requires a specialist translator with experience and nknowledge of the financial sector.

Every year, many large Spanish corporations send us their annual accounts and economic reports for translating.

Karen Monterosa sworn translations and translators in Marbella



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